Tuesday, February 15, 2005

thoughts on our birthday weekend

I'm still processing all that took place and will write more about it soon, but for now this is part of the email I sent to our extended family of pray-ers about the weekend. A description with more commentary to come soon. There are a handful of pictures up on the jacob's well blog and you can check out more on the website (click on year 4 and then the thumbnails).

On with the email.

Friday -- The Well reopened with a great show from Shannon Horn and our own Corey Kenedy. A good crowd, lots of good coffee consumed (as well as chai, hot chocolate, and a variety of soft drinks). If you can, you need to make it down to The Well, the transformation is pretty amazing. You can see a couple of good pictures on the website.

Saturday -- We fed 35-40 people "Lupper" (our hamburger meal for homeless / hungry folks). Jonathan and company flipped burgers in the rain and spent time with some people who need a little help.

Sunday night -- It's hard to describe how amazing Sunday night was. Old friends, great music, conversation about memories and dreams, too much food (enough that we took quite a bit to our friends next door as they stood outside waiting to start), showing off The Loft and The Well (in non-prideful ways of course), lots of creating and writing and blessing. It was good stuff. One of the many highlights for me was the prayer journey we took through the building praying for different aspects of the life of our community in the year to come. We heard from so many of you that just couldn't make life work to be there. Know that you were missed and thought of and prayed for. Next year's party is Sunday, February 12, 2006. (that's for those who like to plan early and those who only check email once a quarter -- you know who you are). Imagine the havok a bunch of four-year-olds will be able to wreak.I hope you can wreak with us.

Maybe some of you reading this will be wreaking with us in year four as well.
Here's hoping.


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