Thursday, February 03, 2005

hard to say goodbye after all

OK, I know what I said a few months ago about getting rid of Sosa once and for all and good riddance, but I have to admit I am a little sad to see him go now that it's happened. Not sad enough to wish he had stayed, but that kind of "hey, that's too bad" kind of sad. Why? Well for one, C thinks he's great. If you had no idea about steroids, clubhouse attitude, and walking out on the last day of the season, you would probably love him too. And two, I will always remember how much fun the summer of '98 was. Not for the juiced home runs totals (although that was kind of fun too), but for the playoff chase and how much fun everyone on the team seemed to be having.
Sammy will go into the Hall of Fame one of these days, and he will go as a Cub and I will be excited to see it happen. Maybe C and N and I will make a trip to Cooperstown to watch it. (I guess the girls can come too)
But for now, it's still good riddance.


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