Thursday, January 20, 2005

this is going to bother some of you (for different reasons)

James Dobson has become the new Jerry Falwell. (If you are wondering, that's not a compliment) Endorsing candidates, threatening elected officials if they don't roll his way, and now he's trashing cartoon characters who promote tolerance (by the way, the church marketing sucks blog has a great article on this one). It seems as though Dr. Dobson is feeling pretty empowered by the alleged "right" turn of the country and wants to move forward with God's (really?) agenda for America.

In an interview in his office in Colorado Springs, Dr. Dobson acknowledged that his plunge into partisan politics had irrevocably changed his public image. "I can't go back, nor do I want to," he said. "I will probably endorse more candidates. This is a new day. I just feel a real need to make use of this visibility."

He said that despite initial concerns, his political activities did not appear to have diverted donations from Focus on the Family. He created a sister lobbying organization during the last election, and the two organizations' combined budgets grew to a projected $146 million in 2004, from about $130 million in 2003, with a target of $170 million for 2005.

I'm not saying that I think Dobson is a bad guy or even that he is completely wrong in some of his stands. My problem is this, Christianity was never intended to be legislated. It is subversive, sneaky, grass-roots. we are salt and yeast, not bakers. I know there is (and has been for some time) a desire among "christians" to be considered mainstream and powerful and to feel like we hold sway over this "christian nation" and that has been heightened over the past four years that we have had "God's guy" in office. I have said for a long time, only when "christians" start acting like Jesus will our country become anything resembling a "christian nation". Banning gay marriage, abortion, and SpongeBob is not the answer. Loving our neighbors (even the blue state ones), helping the poor (even the Iraqi ones), and living lives of peace (as much as it is up to us) might be.
Dr. Dobson, keep helping people on the radio and in your books. Pray for the president and our other leaders (even the ones you don't like). Stop cramming evangelicalism down the throat of America and just live Jesus out in front of them. It's nuts, but it just might work.

Off to block the Disney Channel


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