Thursday, October 07, 2004

i've had it! (caution: sports)

sammy -- thanks for the memories now feel free to keep walking. for the past two years you have done nothing but whine, pout, and slump. oh yeah, and there was that corked bat thing and the time you took yourself out of the lineup for six weeks by SNEEZING. i have to say though, last sunday when you left the ballpark 15 minutes after the game started because a) your feelings were hurt b) your pride was hurt c) your cab was waiting d) you just didn't care e)all of the above marks the last straw for me. i've never been the massive sosa fan that most cubs fans are, but i have always appreciated what you brought to the team on the field and the joy with which you played the game. now both of those things are gone so as far as i'm concerned you can watch out that the door doesn't bust you in the butt on your way out.
people said bad things about you? here's a truth - if you are getting paid $17 million to do something and people are paying $50 a shot to see you do it and you suck? they get to talk trash about you. if you don't like it feel free to get better or give back the money. it's also true that the more someone whines, the more people find to trash them about. you aren't helping yourself here at all.
you had a shot at being the most loved cub player of all time but your whining and moaning over the last two years has proved you to be just another spoiled athlete. i'll take andre dawson or ryne sandberg or ernie banks or ron santo instead. heck, i'd even take hector villenueva (a horrible catcher who played one year at around 350 pounds). at least he appreciated what he had.
go home sammy. remember where you came from, why you love to play ball. find the guy who laughed all the way to 66 homers and the playoffs in '98. you don't have to repeat that to win me back, just shut up and play ball and have some fun out there (and stay for the whole game, would ya?)

although 66 homers would be nice again.

ah, much better.


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