Tuesday, September 07, 2004

wuv...twu wuv...

a quick case study to demonstrate the power of love over hate. ready?

i am a rabid cub fan. another way to say it -- i LOVE the cubs. said cubs are 16.5 games out of first in their division, they aren't going to come back and win it. i have finally resigned myself to this. however, they are currently in first place in the wild card (well they are getting ready to give it up in the 12th, but for now work with me). the team that is 16.5 games ahead of the cubs is the cardinals. there is no kind way to say this (sorry jonathan) i HATE the cardinals. i have friends who are cards fans, they are good people they have just made a really bad choice somewhere along the way (just like all the people who bought vanilla ice cassettes - you know who you are).

to sum up so far. LOVE the cubs, 16.5 out, wild card, HATE the cardinals.

with me?

here's the problem. over the final four weeks of the season, the cards play 9 games against potential wild card challengers including 6 against the astros. that means that every game the cardinals win is GOOD for the cubs.

what does it all mean? it means for the next 20 days i become enough of a cards fan to want to see them do well. as much as i hate their success, it is good for the team i love.
it's true. love conquers all.

i can't believe i have a david meece song in my head. (anyone with me? anyone?)
ps -- after october 1 full hatred will be restored.


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