Wednesday, August 25, 2004

missed it by that much

ok. had i been born 51 minutes earlier i would have been born on the exact same day as claudia schiffer. how different would my life be? yeah probably not much. as it is, i share a birthday with macaulay culkin - which is not cool at all - and branford marsalis - which is.

of course on the other hand, had i been born 51 minutes earlier i would also share a birthday with regis philbin, monty hall, and billy ray cyrus.
23 hours and 10 minutes later? daryl dragon (from the captain and tenille) and pee wee herman (from.....nevermind)

that collection makes one thankful for macaulay. well almost.

by the way, it is also namibia day so have a good one of those.

i'm going to bed now.


Blogger Jaci said...

Happy Birthday, J! Don't worry, I don't share my birthday with any good people either.

12:17 AM  

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