Tuesday, August 17, 2004

breathing in

we have been talking at church over the last few weeks about this thing of living in the rhythm of God. specifically (for those who aren't a part of our church) we are working through the idea of breathing God into our lives and then breathing his love out into the world. obviously we have gone a little deeper than that, but you get the idea.

so i've been thinking about how i breathe God in. the ways and things in my life that seem to connect me to God or help me experience Him. we have talked some about how the possibilities are endless because of the infiniteness (yes it's a word) of God and His creativity and the variety and creativity He has placed in us. that whole conversation has caused me to try to be aware of God in unexpected places and situations and also to want to experience Him in ways i haven't thought of before.

like what? well i'm not sure. i know that for me things like story (biblical and otherwise) , music, the world around me, watching my kids, reading about the history of the Church, and online experiences like church of fools or afterlife, seem to be some of the things that help me connect. i am trying to experiment with silence and a more reflective, meditative kind of prayer and some other ideas so we'll see where it goes.

i am curious if others of you have other experiences or things that you seem to find God in. input from others helps stir my creative process. so stir me.

seeking to inhale


Blogger Codeman said...

you know what is kind of funny to me as a philosopher?....Well it is that you send us to dictionary.com to define infiniteness when the whole idea of "infinite" is that it cannot be defined....LOL!!! Anyway just a bit of philosophical humor for you...I know we aren't that funny

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