Thursday, February 24, 2005

quotes to remember

Just finished Dave Eggers' novel You Shall Know Our Velocity!. I didn't like it as much as his memoir, but it was still good and good for a few laughs. There were a few quotes I want to hang on to and here is as good a place as any for them. So if you care, enjoy.

This week was about using minutes and hours like these, taking them and
holding them, polishing them, throwing them as far as we could, but at our first
opportunity - all these hours free and full of infinite choice - we'd done

He wants to make sure God wants him to live. So he spends a lot of time
asking. He brings himself close to the edge and he feels God's breath on his
back. If God wants to take him, all he needs to do is blow.

You know nothing until you are there. Nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. You
know nothing of another person, nothing of another place. With this knowledge -
that you know nothing but what you see - things get more complicated. People
want it easy, so they guess.

We knew nothing; the gaps in our knowledge were random and annoying. They
were potholes - they could be patched, but they multiplied without pattern or
remorse. And even if we knew something, had read something, were almost sure of
something, we wouldn't ever know the truth, or come anywhere close to it. The
truth had to be seen. Anything else was a story, entertaining but more
embroidered fib than crude, shapeless fact.

there is a chance that everything we did was incorrect, but stasis is
itself criminal for those with the means to move, and the means to weave
communion between two people.

Worth the read.


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