Thursday, November 11, 2004

some books i've been into of late

over the last three or four months i have found myself reading and loving novelizations of some of the stories from the bible. before you run off to your favorite christian retailer, though, these are not "christian" books. they are honest and raw and, for the most part, probably wouldn't be welcome on the shelves of your church library (which is a ringing endorsement by the way).
i love the idea of these writers injecting their creativity into the material that already exists and coming up with a story that stays true to the source, but is expanded and richer and human and beautiful. i'm sure i will soon run across an example that i hate (it's inevitable really), but the three that i have read have all been worth recommending. the links will take you to where you can get your own. enjoy.

Paul by Walter Jr. Wangerin

i just finished this today. it is a huge task, but a great look into the struggle that took place as the Church began to develop. it is the story of paul told by all of the people who populate his letters (timothy, titus, barnabus, priscilla, etc.) it also includes much of the biblical text from many of his letters and the sections of the book of acts devoted to paul. some of the characters are pretty cardboard, but others are really well done.

The Son of Laughter by Frederich Buechner

this is the one that got me started on these over the summer. it's the story of jacob and it is beautifully human and honest. everyone's faults are laid out and analyzed and it moves from comic to tragic easily. good stuff.

The Preservationist by David Maine
if you are just going to read one, make it this one. maine does an amazing job with the noah story. every part of the narrative is addressed and a lot of thought went into answering some questions that are really impossible to answer (i won't give away any more than that, you'll have to read it). it is a pretty quick and easy and fun read.

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