Tuesday, November 02, 2004

election day

i voted for the first time in 1980 in mrs hardy's fifth grade class at adams elementary in norman. i voted for president reagan because he seemed like a nice guy. if i remember right, he won our class in a landslide. since then i have voted for the republican candidate in every presidential election for a variety of different reasons. i guess this year will be the same simply because the other option scares me worse than "4 more years" (and in oklahoma we only get two options. we have the most strict regulations for thrid party candidates in the country. we can't even write anyone in. probably because our massive seven electoral votes count for so much.)

since my fifth grade choice seemed to work out pretty good, i deceided to ask my kids who i should vote for. i didn't limit it to only the two options (we had to pretend we lived somewhere else -- see above), but asked them if i could vote for any adult in the country, who should i vote for?

caleb -- (emphatically) -- "George W. Bush" (they indoctrinate them early in the humphreys clan)
hannah -- "you should vote for you" (a fine idea, although i'm not sure i support all of my positions)
nathan -- "Scooby Doo" (this may be better than my bill murray pick)

now if i can just get nathan to help me with the state questions.
off to discern the evil of two lessers.