Sunday, October 31, 2004

a halloween miracle

for three season prior to my arrival in waco baylor did not beat texas a&m.
for the four years i went to school at baylor, we did not beat texas a&m.
in the past eleven football seasons since i graduated from baylor, we have not beaten texas a&m.
tonight that all changed. 35-34 in overtime.

i've taken my share of garbage from people over the dismal depth to which baylor "football" has fallen and most don't believe me when i tell them that the school used to compete for the SWC title back in the day. we even beat texas 50-7 IN AUSTIN. we sent players to the NFL (santana dodson packer fans?). even played in a bowl game or two.

all of that is history for sure, but tonight -- a&m goes down.

it's enough to bring a tear to my eye. probably not as big as it brought to those of the aggies though.

i won't stoop to saying "sic 'em bears"


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