Wednesday, November 03, 2004

my 2008 election wishlist

1. a viable third party candidate that actually can get on the ballot in oklahoma and force the two ruling parties to deal with real people. i propose forming the "not them" party that would carry a platform of fiscal conservatism and social responsibility. pipedream? that's why it's a WISH list

2. limits on campaign ads. can you imagine living in one of the markets that were hammered with over 12,000 minutes worth of bush / kerry ads? i'm j and i disapproved of all of them.

3. crush the 527s. no accounability or responsibility. unlimited funds. great bearers of smoke screens.

4. a conversation about issues that matter with more than promises offered. did you see the SNL skit about the first bush / kerry debate. the guy playing the moderator says something like "both candidates are aware of the rules. a question will be asked of president bush which he will then ignore and remind us all of 911. after a follow up, a question will be asked of senator kerry who will quickly remind us that he served in vietnam." -- that was 95% of the campaign "dialogue" in a nutshell.

5. a decision that does not involve the threat of lawyers, lawsuits, voter fraud, disenfranchisement, intimidation, and any of the other things that have have been a part of the last couple of elections (and probably far more i just wasn't paying attention).

my special oklahoma wish is that we could vote on state questions that are just about ONE THING and don't include phrases like "and other changes" without explaining what those changes might be.

ok, i'm really done now.


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