Monday, September 29, 2003

Atheists' shack vandalized
Several men harassed OU Atheists and Agnostics during Habitat for Humanity's Shack-a-Thon.

I will guarantee there is a group of "christian" guys somewhere high-fiving each other about how they "struck a blow for the big guy".

if these guys are christians, i don't think i want to be called that anymore.
i've decided i need a place to think out loud and express some of the stuff that runs through my head as i think about life and faith and the world and whatever. if something i post strikes a chord with you (for better or worse) feel free to let me know. not being one for consistency or regularity, there is no telling how often i will post or what it looks like or even if it will be worth reading. that being said, consider yourself warned and welcome to my world.