Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Fourteen years ago K and I said "I do" and started this wild ride of marriage. Since this date last year we have been around the world and back, we've become parents (again), my life has changed directions (again), and we continue to learn and grow and change and become.
We laugh more now than we did 14 years ago. I like to think it is because we are finding life to be more and more of a joy as the years roll. K says it's because we provide each other with more material now than we did then.
Fourteen years ago, the day was all about the wedding. Every move, decision, conversation, thought, and action centered around that event. Today we dealt with getting carpet replaced from our flood, reconstructing rooms, back and forth to the hospital, 9 yo baseball, and on and on. Conversations about bathmats and grout ruled the day. It is so different now than it was then. It is so much better.
I couldn't ask for a better partner, friend, accomplice and straight "man".
I love you, K. Happy anniversary.


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