Saturday, June 03, 2006

other randomness

article from new york magazine about the "killing off" of the generation gap or how 30/40-somethings are living and acting like 20-somethings.
then of course al mohler weighs in and calls us all immature because we don't wear suits like good grown up republicans, errmm I mean "christians" should.
ht to ysmarko

interesting article on creating intentional community by Dave Pollard
ht to Jordon Cooper

left behind the video game - screw the peacemakers, blessed are the battle tanks
ht to Jesus Politics

global warming may worsen poison ivy - great, now we're going to drown all red and itchy
ht to willzhead

and the funniest news item of the day (at least to a Cubs fan)
Royals Hire Tom Emanski to teach them the Fundamentals of Baseball
from the Onion
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