Tuesday, March 22, 2005

will it never end?

Just when I thought "christian" retail couldn't go any goofier out to prove me wrong appears "wait wear". Underwear and t-shirts for people to proclaim their virginity until they are married. Now don't get me wrong, I firmly think waiting is the right thing to do, but do we need "no vow / no sex" boy briefs? Would they help? By the time you see the catchy slogan isn't it a bit late for the reminder? Wouldn't it need to be glow in the dark to be effective at that point anyway?

One 20-year old in the article I saw said it best.
"The underwear line is the most illogical part of the whole [WaitWear Web] site. Shouldn't it read: 'If You Can Read This, I'm Probably Not Waiting Until Marriage?'" she said.

It's not as messed up as the Jesus thong, but it's close.

Note: I couldn't bring myself to link to any of this (or add pics), you'll have to find it for yourself. (and I know you will)


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