Monday, August 21, 2006

it simply never ends


Sunday school teacher dumped for being female

If this pastor wants to interpret the Bible like this, whatever. But could he at least have the decency to tell the woman face to face? (a letter was sent from the church clerk - a woman by the way) Or maybe he could have brought this up two years ago when he started at his church.
I wonder if the men she has been a part of teaching for 54 years will be required to join a remedial Sunday School class to help them recover. Or maybe they should be booted too for listening to her?


Monday, August 07, 2006

one year ago today

The day started in Beijing, we flew to Nanchang (after doing our best OJ impression through the Beijing Airport - running, not killing people), made our way to our hotel and within a couple of hours had Rebekah in our arms. A year later I am still at a loss for words about that day and that moment when the little girl we had dreamed of and prayed for and moved heaven and earth to get our arms around was finally handed to us.
What follows are the words we posted that day on our Journey to Rebekah blog. I teared up again today reading them.

Ok, so the day starts hazy in Beijing and ends with a beautiful little girl sleeping in a crib at the foot of our bed in Nanchang. We are pretty wrung out. It feels like we have spent all day alternating between tears and laughter and back again. Sometimes at the same time. As we sat in the room waiting for the girls to get to the hotel, all of the families who have other children were talking about how much that moment was like being in a birthing room. Anxiety and joy and all kinds of butterflies in the stomach.
Ok let me back up a little.
We got to Nanchang about 2 this afternoon. (no pictures yet, we were focused on other things). They told us the babies would be at the hotel around 4:30. We got into our room (really nice by the way) and found a crib waiting for us. Breakdown #28 of the day. Kenda spent the next hour or so unpacking all of Rebekah's stuff and putting it in just the right spot and then it was time to go down.
The four families sat in the conference room for what seemed like about 3 days. 4:30 came and went and around 5 our guide got a call that they were close. A couple of minutes later we heard a cry coming from the lobby one floor down from where we were. My heart jumped up into my throat and then here came four beautiful little girls. They called Gong SuJian and I handed them our passports and paperwork as they handed Kenda our Rebekah. Just like that, I'm a daddy again and this little girl's world changes in ways we can't even begin to imagine. We laughed and cried and played with her for a minute while the director of the orphanage told us a little about the girls' schedules and what they ate. In the midst of it all, Rebekah managed to soak through her diaper and Kenda's shirt. Welcome back to mommydom!
Then we came back to our room. I thought this might be the moment when I went, "OK now what?", but apparently parenting one year olds is the same in China as it is at my house. Within just a couple of minutes Rebekah and I were laughing on the bed while Kenda ran back and forth across the room trying to make dinner happen for her. A bottle, rice cereal, crackers and cheerios later, Rebekah finished and I was off for more paperwork. Then it was Kenda's turn and I spent about 20 minutes by myself with our little one. She was getting tired and at one point put herself down to sleep. We were trying to keep her awake to be able to hear her brothers and sister so we gave her a bath. May I say -- tired baby + insane day + bath = really poor decision. We finally got to hear her cry. Not a good time.
We got her dressed and Kenda got on the bed with her. We started with her on her back and she kept fussing so we flipped her over. It was like turning the switch. She immediately settled down, grabbed her silky and sang herself to sleep. It was as beautiful and sad as anything I've ever heard.
What else can I say? She's wrestling around in her crib right in front of me. Who knows what she is dreaming about. I think we have told her 1000 times that she is loved and she is safe and she is home with us. We can't wait for her to meet the legion of friends and family that are waiting for her. We love you all.
I better call it a night, I hear she likes to wake up around 2. Good times.

I can't imagine that it has been a year. It's been wild to relive those days over the past week.